Sound Resolution: Your Sound Solution

     Sound Resolution came into being in 1978, when I quit my last "day job."  That job was as a bailiff and courtroom clerk for the District of Columbia Criminal Court Division.  It was there that
I had my first experience with multi track recording.  Microphones were placed for the Judge, witness, prosecutor and each of the 5 defense attorneys.  These were all routed to a Baird Atomic 8 track reel-to-reel recorder.  It was my job to monitor the recording levels and change the tapes as a backup for the 3 court reporters.  I know that it does not sound very exciting now but it was there that I developed my passion for the capturing of live events.

     Concurrently with my job, I played guitar in a pickup Bluegrass group that consisted of 3 attorneys and myself that would play on Thursday afternoons at a little bar across the street from the courthouse.  The bar was "Jaybird's" and the group was called "Tyrone and the Stepbacks".  I provided the sound system.  Fun while it lasted.  After that, I did sound for friends (pro bono) for a while, did a couple of USO tours with The Houston Oiler Cheerleaders, The Miss USA/USO tour and The Razzy Bailey Band USO Tour of the Southern Command.

     In the early 80's, I got a job as the house engineer at a new club that opened in Arlington, Virginia called Eskimo Nell's where I got a chance to work with the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker, Sam and Dave, Chubby Checker, The Starland Vocal Band, Dave Van Ronk and Tim Eyermann and the East Coast Offering.  There was a fire that destroyed the club and Tim Eyermann hired me and I spent the next 7-8 year's with his group (as engineer and sometime opening act).  I also was an engineer on their first digitally recorded album.  The technology was so new that the content was recorded on a VHS tape machine (Thanks to Larry Boden) .  Aside from working in Pittsburgh with the group, the best time I had with them was a 3 week tour of Brazil that was hosted by one of the Grand Gentlemen of Jazz, Felix Grant.

     After that, I pretty much stayed away from overseas touring.  I worked a lot with the Gene Donati Orchestra (18 piece society band in DC), was the engineer for Garvin's Comedy Club until 1989 and have provided production services for the City of Alexandria, VA since 1986 to this day.  With Alexandria, I do everything from business and municipal meetings to open air concerts festivals.

     Starting in 1995, I started doing production and recording for collegiate aCappella groups and have not had as much fun since the Tim Eyermann and Garvin's days.

     Starting in 2005, I started doing digital video, doing everything from press conferences, symposia and live music performances.

     Now located on the North Shore of Lake Pochartrain, Louisiana.

     I can provide references and I am insured.

     Everyday is a learning experience and I love what I do.